Rose Laminating Cincinnati Ohio


Mounting Specifications

LIQUID ADHESIVE - Wet glue mounting can be used as long as the substrate and sheet to be mounted are both paper products (for example: litho to corrugate, litho to foamcore, litho to 50pt or even paper to paper). Sheets can be mounted to one side or both sides of the substrate. We have mounted as small as 8.5” x 11” and as large as 58” x 96” sheets.

FULL SHEETS - We mount the gripper/guide on the printed sheet flush or almost flush to the edges of the substrate– so that the cutter can use the gripper/guide on the printed sheet as registration for final trimming – whether it’s guillotine trimmed or die cut.

SPOT MOUNTING – We also can mount a print within a certain “spot” on the substrate.

DRY MOUNTING - A pressure sensitive adhesive with a liner can be adhered and mounted to substrates that wet adhesive with not stick to. For example: plastic substrates (styrene, vinyl, PVC, coroplast, plastic cap foamcore) rubber, magnet and metal.

We can dry mount sizes that range from 6” to 60” wide to just about any length.

SECOND SURFACE MOUNTING - An optically clear adhesive is applied to the FACE of the print and then a clear substrate (usually acrylic) is mounted on top of it. When completed, you look thru the acrylic to see the image. This can be done for a variety of sizes and acrylic thicknesses. This is expensive and is usually used for high end



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